About Microblading


 There are two main methods which are used in ‘permanent’ make-up for eyebrows:

  • The classic semi-permanent method, which uses a handheld machine with a needle attached, and
  • Microblading which uses a hand tool and blade. Pigment is implanted into the skin, but a precision hand tool blade is used instead of a machine.

For my work, I use only the classic semi-permanent makeup method for eyebrows. Based on my experience this provides the best, most natural and long- lasting results.

For clients researching semi-permanent makeup, Microblading can appear to be very attractive as photos will show that the blading process has replicated individual hairs in the brow. 

Microblading was developed in Asia and is primarily designed to work optimally with the average density of Asian skin. European skin tends to be thinner, therefore this technique is not suitable for oily or combination European skin.  On normal or dry European skin, there is a risk of possible micro-scarring. This undesirable effect is shown in the pictures below:

microblading cause scarring

The results immediately after a Microblading procedure look very natural and perfect. However, over time, the pigmentation lines can become unbalanced, causing the appearance of thicker lines and a much less natural look. After four weeks the Microblading will be healed, but there will always be lasting micro- scars where the tattoo was – even when the ink pigmentation has faded. Scarring also causes eyebrow hair to fall out and not to regrow.

It is not common for cosmetic tattoo artists to publish photos of the results of Microblading, after it has been in place for a few months or more. The photos you see instead will be of the initial ‘perfect’ looking results, either immediately after treatment or when fully healed but still only a month or so old. 

The pictures below are of Microblading several months after application – where the tattoo has become blurred and/or blue tinged.

bad performed microblading


Microblading lasts between 6-12 months, while traditional semi-permanent eyebrow make-up lasts for 1-3 years. This is because Microblading should be performed superficially, which means the colour does not penetrate deep enough to last. 

If Microblading is not performed superficially and is placed below the dermis layer during Microblading, then the ink becomes blue-tinged. 

If the Microblading technician applies the pigmentation too superficially, over the following month, the treated skin will naturally peel off causing the skin to lose all pigment that has been applied.

From a Microblading technician’s point of view, Microblading is a preferred treatment as the equipment used is much cheaper, and therefore there is more profit for the therapist on each application.

Please be very careful and thorough when choosing a specialist for any type of cosmetic tattoo procedure. The Microblading procedure is extremely complex and requires an enormous amount of skill if you do choose to go with that technique. Any permanent makeup mistake will cost you in removal expenses, scars, a terrible look which can seriously affect your self-esteem.