After Care Instructions

After Care For Permanent Cosmetics:

It is essentially relaxing and do nothing! 

It is important not to pick at the flaky/dry skin. The flaky skin need to shed naturally.  It is very important to keep your newly shaded SPM clean. 

  1. Do not rub skin when washing your face for at least 7 days
  2. Do not pick or scratch tattooed area.
  3. Avoid for 1 week: hot, steamy, long shower
  4. Do not get any chemicals on the area at least 4 weeks.
  5. Do not wear makeup on tattooed area at least two weeks.
  6. No Gym at least 2 weeks after a treatment
  7. Stay out of chlorinated pools, seawater, sunbeds, spa, jacuzzi or saunas for at least 4 weeks.
  8. Do not use antibiotic ointment or anything else during healing.
  9. The tattooed area will be dark for the first several days and will fade. While healing, the tattoo will look spotty.

Do not be alarmed by fading after the first application. The final color cannot be judged until at least 4 weeks after the touch-up applications are completed. This is the reason follow-ups are required.