Carefully Choose a Specialist for Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures!

Please be very careful and thorough when choosing a specialist for cosmetic tattoo procedures.

I am astonished by the number of people who come to me asking for help following a poorly performed ‘permanent’ makeup procedure. They are often desperate for microblading correction, and/or tattoo removal.

Prior to booking your first ‘permanent’ makeup appointment, carefully study photos of the tattooist’s work. Make sure you look at photos of the healed result, as the result might look very different after healing compared to what it looked like immediately after the procedure!

Things to note with eyebrow ‘permanent’ makeup:

1) Healed eyebrow ‘permanent’ makeup should never look like a single tone stripe. Quality eyebrow ‘permanent’ makeup is a gradual shift in colour. An example of my work illustrating this lovely effect is shown below:

2) Make sure your tattooist is using quality pigments intended for cosmetic micropigmentation.  A cosmetic tattoo absolutely must not be done with regular tattoo pigments.  Using actual tattoo pigments for a cosmetic tattoo results in the makeup staying with you for decades and turning blue/red/green/yellow as it fades out.   The below picture is not my work and shows the results when the wrong type of ink is used. 

Things to watch out for with microblading procedures:
1) Correctly executed microblading looks like thin hairs that are shaped to look natural and follow the shape of your own eyebrow hair growth. The below picture, which is not my work, shows an example of poorly executed microblading. 

2) Be mindful of the fact that lately there has been an emergence of microblading ‘specialists’. These so called ‘specialists’ can actually be primarily nail and eyelash extension technicians.  The microblading procedure is extremely complex and requires an enormous amount of skill. The specialist must know and understand multiple aspects of the structure of human skin. Not every cosmetic tattoo ‘specialist’ would be able to seriously develop this complex technique. Imagine just how poorly and sloppily it can be performed by someone who has just recently joined the trade. Unfortunately, ‘specialists’ like these are the main reason that microblading has a bad reputation. Horrible blue marks, scars and misshapen eyebrows after microblading SHOULD NOT BE the norm!  These issues are the result of procedures performed by an unskilled practitioner. 

So, choose your specialist very thoroughly:

  • Do look at pictures of healed results. 
  • Do make sure the specialist is indeed a qualified ‘permanent’ make up specialist. 
  • Keep in mind that microblading is a cosmetic tattoo – a complex, detailed procedure done manually. As is in any other industry, the cosmetic makeup industry has skilful specialists who are constantly striving to improve their technique as well as people who just want to make some cash.

Cosmetic tattoo makeup is an exclusive procedure, it cannot and should not be cheap if it is performed by a skilled specialist.

One might speculate why there is such a big price range when it comes to ‘permanent’ makeup.

Let’s think about what the price is composed of. Firstly, it is, of course, the amount of resources the makeup artist has invested into themselves professionally. This includes money, hours of work and hours in training. The price of a procedure is also directly proportional to the environment the technician works in, the materials and the tools they use, as well as the quality of service they provide.

At the heart of it all, though, is the technician’s artistic competency and complete customer satisfaction (illustrated by the number of people who come back for future appointments having been delighted with their previous results). ‘Permanent’ makeup technicians absolutely must know how their work is perceived by the customers over multiple years.

Therefore, if the makeup artist has not invested much in their craft, and their tools and materials are all cheap, then it is very easy for them to charge very little for their work. Just like in any market environment, every ‘permanent’ make- up artist has their price, which is often representative of the quality of work provided.

An unfortunate manicure or haircut can be a matter of ‘living with it’ for maybe one month. A ‘permanent’ makeup mistake will cost you removal expenses, scars, a terrible look and can seriously self-esteem for a year or more.

Below are examples of bad ‘permanent’ make up and are not my work: