Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal

Here is what you need to know about removing an unwanted eyebrow tattoo.

How to remove permanent eyebrow tattoos? The most effective way of removing facial tattoos are laser and non-laser tattoo removal methods. Laser tattoo removal works towards complete removal, with each session aiming to eliminate any remaining pigment in the skin. Permanent makeup removal treatments, such as eyebrow tattoos, fall under laser tattoo removal.

How does laser eyebrow tattoo removal work? Laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal are treatments that both follow a similar practice, so if you have had laser hair removal before, you will know what to expect from laser tattoo removal. Both treatments use hand held laser devices to target pigment in the skin, with tattoo removal targeting ink pigment rather than hair pigment.  

Removing facial tattoos can be more painful than removing tattoos on other parts of the body as there is less fat between the skin and the bone.

When removing a tattoo on the skin above a bone, the nerves are more exposed which may cause mild discomfort. Usually, during a session, numbing cream can be applied to ensure a pain-free experience.

The wavelengths, either red light or infrared, in the laser disrupt the natural state of the pigment, causing the ink particles to shatter and dissolve. The tattoo removal works to remove any ink present and each treatment helps to fade and lighten the tattooed areas.

How much does laser eyebrow tattoo removal cost? $150 per session and can increase depending on area size. The amount of courses needed may also depend on what kind of removal you want to achieve, whether you require a full removal or just partial removal. For complete removal, I recommend 6 – 8 treatments depending on tattoo type. For partial removal, I recommend 1-3 treatments depending on tattoo type.