Touch-up of a Tattoo That`s Been Done by Someone Else

If you have had a cosmetic tattoo from a different technician but would like me to carry out ‘touch up’ work on it, I may be able to work over it, as long as the skin is in good condition. 

The pictures below illustrate examples of other technicians’ work where I would not be able to do a touch up (deep blue colour or scarring). These would need a removal technique instead.

If you would like me to do a ‘4-8 week touch up’ or ‘annual touch up’, but your original first session was done by another tattooist it will be a full price treatment. The touch-up for existing customers is complimentary and takes 15-30 min but if your initial treatment was with someone else, your ‘follow-on’ appointment with me will be a full 2-2.5 hour treatment. This includes a consultation, personalised measure & shape, tattooing perfection session 4-8 weeks later.


Why is this?
If you’d like to complete your initial treatment with me, it means you probably weren`t pleased with the original service (patchy colour, unwanted shade, no proper shape, obvious asymmetry, or just an unprofessional service).

Before your treatment, I’ll explain what the available options are for you in a personalised consultation.

If the colour of your cosmetic tattoo is wrong
If the colour is not strong enough, or it has faded, or your brows are too deep (bright) e.g. a pinkish/purplish/greenish/bluish shade then an additional fee will be required. (See examples below of this situation. These are not my work).

To correct this type of mistake, extra work is necessary using colours to neutralize the unwanted shade, before applying a selected new main pigment.

If your current tattoo looks like ones in the pictures below (not my work),  I can help by removing it (and then we can do a new tattoo to vastly improve the situation).

If the shape of your cosmetic tattoo is wrong
Before re-tattooing I’ll draw a few examples on the proposed area of treatment and you can choose the option you prefer.

I care deeply about client satisfaction so it`s extremely important to me how your skin and the colour/shape of your cosmetic tattoo looks immediately after my treatment and in the months/years that follow.

 I take full responsibility for my work and strive to see delighted and happy faces post procedure.