Beauty spot – $150 first session, $50 – touch-up within 6 weeks.  The treatment takes 30min.
Freckles– $250 first session, $50-  touch-up within 6 weeks.
The treatment takes 1 hour.

Beauty marks last up to 1-3 years.
The lasting period depends on the type of your skin (oily skin loses the pigment quickly) and your daily routine (some skin care products like retinol, swimming pools and hot pools, and sun exposure can help the skin get rid of the pigment quickly).
Healing Stages:
First 4-5 days: The freckles will look bright and dark. Please don’t worry, this is normal and they will fade to look natural after the skin heals.
After 6-7 days: You may experience some minor flaking and the color may look super pale, or it may even disappear.
After 2-3 weeks: The color will start to return to the skin, but may still look not bold enough.
In 4 weeks: We will do a touch-up session, applying additional layers of pigment to achieve the required density and saturation.
Freckle, Beauty Mark Tattoos
Freckle, Beauty Mark Tattoos
Freckle Tattoos
Freckle Tattoos