Consultation Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

In this article, I`d like to tell you about  Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPM) for eyeliner.

All of us, cosmetic tattoo artists, have our own style and signature technique. In this article, I will explain what I use and how it works. 

Semi-Permanent Makeup is the process of putting pigment beneath the surface of the skin. I put the pigment into the bottom layer of the epidermis. About 0.05 – 0.1mm deep.

For Eyeliner I use certified, FDA-approved Carbon Black semi-permanent pigment. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, traditionally produced from charring organic materials such as wood.

These pigments have great quality and stability – they never change the shade of the colour. It will never turn blue, like tattoo ink. The pigment just becomes lighter (greyish) and disappears over time (3-7 years).

For eyeliner SPM I use a machine and professional, sterile Kwadrone needles. These ultra-fine needles gently deposit the colour throughout the eyelid area.

Depending on the shape of your eyes different styles of eyeliner can be made. Here are examples of my work:

LashLine SPM
This method is for people who want an extremely natural look. The pigment is placed only in the skin at the base of eyelashes in-between their rows. No obvious line is drawn beyond the last row of lashes. This causes the eyelash base to appear darker and fuller and frames the eye without the look of having eyeliner.

Eyeliner SPM (LashLine + Wing)
A fine eyeliner is a ‘classic’,  good choice for most eye shapes. It’s a timeless look that never looks outdated. The wing direction follows the line of the last lashes, which gives a more natural look.


Eyeliner + Eyeshadow SPM
The shape and thickness is custom designed to the individual client requirements


Bottom Eyeliner

The shading method gives a soft tinted look. Once healed, it is soft and natural-looking. Shading gives great definition and depth to the eyes. It can last from one to five years.

The retention depends on a number of factors, including skin type, age, lifestyle, health condition, sun exposure, etc.

The appointment takes approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

On the day of the procedure, we will have a consultation and discuss your desired eyes. Following the consultation, I will begin drawing (if needed) the shape of your eyeliner, so that the eyes look equal.

 I always follow the natural shape of the eyes to enhance your natural beauty. We will work together for the shaping and styling of your eyeliner. You will have the opportunity to see the shape and colour before doing any actual tattoo work. Once all is approved, we will proceed with the shading of the lids.

Immediately following the procedure, your eyelids will appear slightly puffy and the ink colour is darker. During the first 24 hours, you can expect that your lids may be slightly puffy. Usually, there is no flaking or dry skin. It is very important that you don’t touch the skin for the first 5 days. In 8-12 days the eyeliner will appear softer and 10-30% lighter. The complete healing process takes about four weeks at which time the true colour and density of the eyeliner are clearly revealed. 

What is the aftercare like?

It is essentially relaxing and do nothing! For best-healed results, keep the eye clean and dry. You should avoid working out, sweating, any makeup around the eyes for at least two weeks. Most importantly, do not touch the skin for the first 5 days. It is also recommended to use sunglasses if you are going out in the sun. The more care you take, the better the results will be. 

The follow-up touch-up is usually within 4-8 weeks and the cost is included with the initial session. During the touch-up, we can add more thickness and definition as necessary.

How many different colours are offered?
The black colour is the main one used, as it suits any eyes. Brown, olive, purple, graphite or black can be used for the shading of eyelids.

With black, I can do the different shades of black (e.g a darker bold black, or a softer greyish black, see pictures below):

Does it hurt?
The pain level varies from person to person. A medical-grade topical anaesthetic will be used for numbing before and during the procedure to make you feel comfortable and as pain-free as possible.
Once I start the tattoo process, you will feel a vibration. There is no bleeding. 

Most of my clients are surprised, as they expect the discomfort to be much higher. The sensations are close to lash extension treatment. Feedback from my clients is that it is not painful, just uncomfortable.

About the design of Eyeliner

When I do eyeliner, it starts with the first lash at the edge and ends with the last lash near the inner eye.

The eyeliner can`t go to these areas: (see picture below):

The pigment will spread as the skin so thin, and close to the bone (see pictures below):


The most frequent questions asked is: Can the needle injure (pop) my eyeball?
No, it is not possible. Your instinct will be to keep your eyes closed while I am close to them. I can read my clients well, and in case you do accidentally move, I will immediately remove my arm. There have been no cases of any eye damage from eyeliner tattooing.