Hi, I`m Dasha, a Certified Senior Cosmetic Tattoo Artist from Europe.

I began my career as a cosmetic tattoo artist in 2010 in Europe. In 2013, I moved to Wellington, New Zealand, where I worked in my own cosmetic tattoo studio for nine years. In 2023, I moved to Christchurch, which is now my main location. Currently, I work from a home-based studio and will be moving to an aesthetic clinic by the end of 2023.

I work with permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyeliner styles, and lips blush cosmetic tattoos), skin camouflage (scars, stretch marks, and vitiligo), scalp micropigmentation, areola and belly button repigmentation, nail reconstruction tattoo, and tattoo removal (laser and non-laser techniques).

Colour theory and confident drawing, makeup, skin anatomy and physiology, medicine and hygiene for the cosmetic tattoo are the main areas of focus in my job.

I believe that a quality cosmetic tattoo is an unconditional combination of skills and knowledge used in face analysis, choices of shape, pigment shade and colour, and the technical execution of the procedure.

My work principle – cosmetic tattoo must remain a personal secret of its owner, not apparent or noticeable. Excellent Cosmetic Tattoo is both natural and correct in proportion.

Since 2010, I have completed many advanced training courses and conferences abroad. Some of my certificates are available below.

Senior Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Dasha
Senior Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Dasha


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